Thursday, June 4, 2009

Gary Vaynerchuk Is Crushing It Big Time

I've written about Gary Vaynerchuk on this blog before, so check it out if your not familiar with him. He's basically an entrepreneur and passionate social media guru who is about to break way into the mainstream, if he hasn't already. He has a book coming out in October all about harnessing your passion and the power of social media, in order to succeed. He was recently speaking to indie booksellers and publishers and there is video of it online. The video is worth watching no matter what field you are in. Harnessing your passion and the power of social media, video and the Internet is useful even if you are a writer or creative type and not selling a retail item like Gary's family does (wine). Gary started off selling wine and now some of the best known brands in the world are consulting with him. The video is a bit long, but take the time to see at least some of it. I swear you will feel motivated and inspired and it will have been worth your time.

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