Friday, June 26, 2009

Unique Ideas For People Heading Down The Aisle

If you or your boss doesn't want to do the same old boring wedding gift or something off a registry, there are a few great go to places I often direct people to for unique wedding ideas:

Jonathan Adler - He's best know for his ceramics/pottery, but he also does all sorts of other gifts. His products are modern and whimsical and come in a range of prices. He has a store in Los Angeles, but also you can buy things from his great website.

Etsy -If you want to do something vintage or handmade -- this is the place to buy it. You have to take time to sort through the site and it helps if you have a idea of what you might want, but there is some cool stuff on this site that is very unique.

Nambe - They sell their products made mostly of crystal and silver in department stores and on their website. It's a bit of a wedding staple, but they are always adding new items that often have a modern twist on tradition.

If you like Nambe, but feel that you want to go with something of that ilk that's even more artistic and unique, Michael Aram is a good bet. They also sell items both on their website and in department stores.

All of these are good go to places for general gifts, but they are especially good for engagement and wedding gifts.

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