Thursday, June 11, 2009

This Stuff Is For Cleaning Your Teeth, But It Sounds More Like It Will Rot Them

In theory this Sweet Toothpaste Kit sounds good, but then I really think about brushing my teeth with something that tastes like Cola or Pumpkin Pudding and I want to gag a little. Even if I can get past the taste thing I feel that I will end up with rooting teeth if I use it because it all sounds sugary. If I were to buy one individual tube it would be the vanilla, as it seems the most palatable. Maybe I should try the Sweet Mouthwash Kit that comes with flavors like Sweet Almond and Raspberry Sorbet. Ummm, maybe not.

Truth be told this is a unique and kind of fun little gift to give someone going on a trip or maybe as a hostess gift. I think you just have to embrace the quirkiness about it and have a laugh while you brush. Who knows, it might all taste great.

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