Tuesday, June 9, 2009

An Idea That Bloomed This Morning

Okay, I know the title is cheesy, but I slept badly, so try and let it go. I was thinking this morning about flowers for some reason, so I thought I would share with you my favorite place in LA and a few others. This is one gift category that I have many resources for, but really tend to utilize very few. If I find a vendor I like and trust I say why go elsewhere. Here's the info on my favorite florist and two others just to be fair:

A couple of years back my amazingly knowledgeable friend Michele Craig (who was once personal assistant) told me about Petals by David and I haven't looked back since. Before that time, I had been using the preferred florists of various bosses with mixed results. David is great because he can do many different styles and work within a wide range of different price points. My favorite thing that he does is a mix of Hydrangea and Roses because it looks lush and elegant. I have never had a bad experience using him and he's also very nice. His work is always beautiful and not super over the top (although if you asked for that I'm sure he could do it). Check out the website for arrangement and event flower samples, but keep in mind he's flexible and can work with what you want.

I didn't think it was fair to only list my one favorite and not give the posting any depth, so here's a good New York Florist option and one other florist in LA I've heard lots of things about:

I've been reading about and hearing of Eric Buterbaugh for many years. It's amazing that in this town even when there a many vendors that do something only a few names come up again and again. I've heard great things and the pictures on his website show the range of his work - from more architectural to just simple and sophisticated. I think that for his signature more artistic stuff you have to have a big budget, but after viewing the site I did see some more streamlined options at a reasonable price point. You can view a variety of samples at his site.

For some reason the employers I have had in the past few years don't often do flowers in NYC. I always have ended up doing wine, gourmet food baskets and sweet treats. When I think of New York and flowers I often think of a florist that one of my prior employers loved that always hit it out of the park and that is ZeZe Flowers. This place isn't really for the budget conscious, but if you are ordering for client from a boss that's not always the biggest factor. I think they can do things in a lower price range, but to get what they are known for you are looking at a higher cost. Their website also has some samples to view.

I know I could have made this list really long and listed every popular florist on both coasts, but I thought it would be more useful if I pointed out a special few.

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  1. Petals by David can hook you up with a florist ANYWHERE In the world. He sent Jerry Lewis roses in Paris once and Tom Hanks flowers in NY. We ALWAYS use him in a crunch. he is UNBELIEVABLE.
    - Michele- the person mentioned above