Monday, June 8, 2009

Lather Up & Jot Down Your Best Idea Yet

A week or two ago on Twitter, I commented that I have many of my best ideas in the shower and that maybe my destiny was to get rich creating some kind of paper and pen that was waterproof. I knew the moment I tweeted it that:

A) The item probably already existed.

B) That Twitter being what it is, I would soon get tweets from companies that made such products.

That night and the next day I did indeed get two tweets regarding such products:

Aqua Notes

Rite In The Rain

As goofy as it seems, it's really important to be able to harness your creativity when it strikes, so I would probably buy this. I'm the queen of using post it notes and any method I need to in order to stay organized as a personal assistant, so these could come in handy for remembering something crucial that pops into my head for a boss.

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