Friday, June 19, 2009

An Alcohol Free Martini Shot That Will Make You Laugh

Anyone still hoping for an boozy filled post will be sadly disappointed. A Martini Shot is the name for the last shot of the day on a film set and not some cool new drink at a hotel in Hollywood. That's not the Martini Shot I'm going to talk about today though. The Martini Shot I'm talking about is the show/podcast that writer Rob Long does for KCRW. He has his own very distinct style and manages to instruct without lecturing. I probably should have included him in this piece I did back in April about letting those around you inspire you. He shares bits of wisdom and anecdotes from his years in the business. I often laugh and learn something at the same time. Listening to the pieces doesn't require much of a time commitment, so you certainly have time to check him out on the radio, via Itunes podcast or on his website. Listening to him often inspires me to stop procrastinating and actually do some writing. He's also on Twitter here, if you want to follow him.

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