Monday, June 22, 2009

The Thing You Think Makes You Weird Is Often What Makes You Special

Another late night post because it's hard to blog at work during lunch so far. If you haven't already seen writer and comedian/humorist John Hodgman speak at the 2009 Radio & TV Correspondents Dinner go watch it right now. You will crack up and it will improve your day no matter how bad it has been. He's a guy who became more successful later in life and is truly enjoying it. He got where he is not because he's movie star handsome (although his boyish dork thing is kind of adorable in a certain way), but because he has fully embraced who he is and is proud of being a nerd/geek. You likely will recognize John from his role as the PC in the MAC vs. PC commercials, but that's only one part of his career. If you like his speech, check out his book or one of the public radio pieces he has done, like this one. Try your best to follow this example and embrace what about you makes you different because it's likely the thing that makes you special.

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  1. Too funny, Karen...Hodgman is my new hero. Who knew that a PC was capable of extending the Vulcan handshake??