Friday, June 12, 2009

Tips For Stress Free Travel For Your Or Your Boss

A few tips how on to make an itinerary and travel for your boss or yourself go from good to great:

1)On the itinerary, BOLD and if there is space, put in ALL CAPS (use this sparingly) key pieces of information that need to be accessed quickly.

2) If you or your boss is picky about seating, use a site like Seat Guru to see what seats are good on various airplanes and which ones you should avoid like the plague. This site is free and it's awesome.

3) Even if you are using a travel agent, call and reconfirm the hotel, car, etc. It can't hurt and it will give you piece of mind and your boss a smooth experience.

4) Even if your boss uses an online calendar or a calendar on a iPhone or Blackberry, give them one paper copy for their trip to take with them, so that if all technology fails they have something. Having something just in case never hurt anyone and often helps.

5) Put all confirmation #'s and Frequent Flyer #'s on to the itinerary. This is CRUCIAL. It makes it easier for your boss if they have an issue and it's proof that you did your job. It takes just a minute or two to add and is useful for resolving problems that arise.

6) Put the itinerary and all other trip related docs in a simple folder with the location and date of the trip. If it's a trip your boss is taking, give him/her one and keep a copy for yourself.

7) Before the person who is traveling leaves (you or your boss) make sure you have gone over the packing/prep list (umm, if you didn't do this you should have) and make sure that whatever needs to be with you or them -- is indeed actually packed.

8) Stay Up-To-Date on whatever online resources can help you. Lots of people use Trip It to do itineraries. It's free and you just e-mail all your reservations to it and it does an itinerary. It might not work for you, but it's always good to investigate stuff like this to see if it can make things more efficient.

If you want to see how I come up with ideas for restaurants and hotels that I recommend to bosses or find for myself, check out this post I wrote in April that has tons of resources in it.

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