Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Finding The Impossible To Locate Book

I'm always saying that being a personal assistant in Hollywood is like being a magician. Whether the employer tells you or not, the job can often be about making the impossible - possible. This is one of my specialties and it isn't that I have superhero like powers (if I did I would have controlled the mind of an agent and exec and sold a script by now), but mostly it's because I'm extremely persistent. If I can't find one way to make something happen, I try to see how I can turn the task on it's head and find another way to get it done. I'm always happy to have resources at my disposal to help me with challenges. This morning I read about a site called Biblio where you can search for used, rare and out-of-print books from over 5500 independent bookstores around the globe. I will definitely put that into my files for future use. I've had bosses come to me a bunch of times asking for a book that they think should take no effort to get and then I find out it went out of print years ago. The more you can stockpile resources like this, the better shape you will be in when obstacles arise. Try to look at it as a puzzle to solve and it will make your work seem fun instead of boring.

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