Tuesday, March 17, 2009

New Visitors To The Blog

Because of the Film News Briefs Mention today I'm figuring I might have a few more visitors, so I thought I would do a quick little post with a few reminders. I would love to have people submit questions (regarding gifts, tech, organization) to me and then I can answer them on the blog. It's listed in the about me, but I have a feeling people don't see that. E-mail the question to askthepa@gmail.com. My specialty is gifts and organization, but I'm also good with technology, finding the impossible and productivity tips. Also, if you don't have time to read the blog, but you are on twitter, I give similar advice and a bit of pop culture info there www.twitter.com/goldsteinkaren . If you have an urgent vendor question or something I can help with and you are on AIM - feel free to IM me at goldsteinkaren72. Right now I'm looking for a new personal assistant or writing gig, so I have extra time on my hands to be of assistance.

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