Tuesday, March 10, 2009

If At 71 Jane Fonda Isn't Afraid of Change, You Shouldn't Be Either

If you're going to be in NYC or you have a boss who will be visiting, the best suggestion you can give him/her to do while they are there is to go see 33 Variations starring Jane Fonda. It's the first time in 46 years that she's been on Broadway. In addition to that scary feat, she's also blogging and on twitter. Considering that she was a bit of a Luddite before (by her own admission), it's amazing to me that she is jumping in head first to all of these challenges at once. The other extraordinary thing is how honest and refreshing the blog is for a celebrity. She talks openly about her fears. If she can dive in head first to all of those changes at 71, we all better check ourselves before we complain about learning something new or branching out no matter how scary it seems. When you want to stay in your little comfortable box and not try new things, remind yourself what an inspiration she is, suck it up and move forward like a champ. Jane would.

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