Sunday, March 8, 2009

A Lesson In How To Tell A Story

I'm going to keep this short because I want to work on tweaking my How I Met Your Mother spec and a rom com feature I'm doing. This morning at the gym, I was listening to the This American Life Public Radio Podcast. I could not get through the gym without listening to podcasts. The episode I listened to called Bad Bank was all about the banking crisis. You should listen to it for two really important reasons:

1) It is always good to be informed. I have talked about that at length. You never know who you might impress with what you know. Also the banking crisis is important to know about seeing as our economy is not on such steady ground.

2) There's an important creative lesson that can be taken away from listening to this piece as well. It's about the banking crisis, but they keep it simple and easy to understand and it's often humorous. It proves that you can take even a subject that would put most people to sleep and keep them engaged if you tell it the right way.

Okay, so I lied regarding keeping it short. Sorry.

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