Thursday, March 19, 2009

The Cult Of Done & Inbox Zero

It's appropriate that I don't have much time to blog today and I'm posting about getting things done. I just feel extra pressure to be job searching super hard today. Being home is making me INSANE. I might not blog as much once I get a new gig, but I don't plan to let it go completely. Anyway, if you have a bit of time, two things that are worth checking out are below.

Today someone on twitter (yes I know I keep bringing up Twitter - get on there already and FOLLOW me :) mentioned this Cult of Done Manifesto. It's short and total genius, so it's a must read. It's all about letting go of all the stuff that stops you from actually getting things finished. I'm printing it out and reading it again, at least once a week.

One other thing I love that I might have mentioned before is this great talk by Merlin Mann (a productivity guru) called Inbox Zero. He gave the speech at Google and the video of it is here. The video is all about getting at your e-mail, handling or organizing it accordingly and not letting it bog you down.

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