Thursday, July 9, 2009

Netbooks, Netbooks.. Read All About It

I might eat my words, but I'm not dying for a netbook. I am by the way MASSIVELY hankering for a Kindle DX (Amazon in case you are listening), but I digress, I was talking about netbooks. I have a laptop and an iPhone, so maybe I'm not the exact audience for it. I can see what's desirable about them -- they are light and small and sort of cute, but that's more what I need in a purse. I'm sure that I will someday eat my words and the price point is insanely great, so you might want to check out a few popular ones that I listed below to see if one might be right for you:

Sony Vaio W Series - Here's a bit more info not from Sony.

HP Mini - Here's a review .

Asus EEE Seashell - Here's a review of it.

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