Sunday, July 26, 2009

Ideas Besides Cologne & Ties

Cologne & Ties sounds to me like a British rock band from the 1980's, but really it's the two gifts I think most people buy for men because they can't think of what else to get. I consider myself an expert gift giver, but even I have had a hard time finding just the right thing for certain men on occasion. The basic gift tips I always mention apply with guys, of course, to listen to what a person talks about often and enjoys, but another way to find great gifts is to cultivate resources that will help to inspire you. A few months ago, I heard actor Neil Patrick Harris mention in an interview how he really likes a site called Uncrate that has all kinds of ideas for gifts and things that interest guys. I'm really enjoying checking it out and I will for sure keep my eye on it for gift ideas. It's a great resources for a gift for your dad, a male boss or clients who are guys. Take a few minutes and check it out.

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