Friday, July 24, 2009

Be Looking for New Info & Ideas to Inspire You Everywhere

I do many different things to stay up on all that is going on around me. I listen to NPR, read a million magazines, read Time and the NY Times, I'm on Twitter, etc. If you really want the full list, read the post I did about it months ago. As an assistant, you never know where you will find out about great new ideas that might inspire you or where you might hear about a cool new gift, so you always have to be open. Just the other day, my Twitter friend (sounds weird, but it's true) Karyn Murphy tweeted about a cool new daily e-mail called Very Short List. I just signed up for it and so far it seems really cool. Very Short List sends you an email about new music, books, etc. Karyn who is always in the know is a producer who was once a personal assistant. She writes a hilarious blog, so check it out here. She's also on Twitter, if you want to follow her.

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