Thursday, July 16, 2009

Creativity Trumps Perfection Most Of The Time

I seriously laugh out loud every time I read about the new Food Network show called What Would Brian Boitano Make. I would have to assume that the people at the Food Network are making a bit of an inside joke with the title, but they might not have a clue. Most people my age would remember that in the original South Park video Christmas card that went around town (and eventually launched the creators into the stratosphere) -- the kids are struggling with something and they ask what Brian Boitano would do. Moments later, he skates by to talk to them and it's random and hilarious.

As I reflected on that original South Park video from way back it made me realize something that is helpful to assistants who eventually want to do something creative like writing and that's that generally creativity trumps perfection. If you look at the old video it certainly is not the best animation you have ever seen (far from it - it's actually fairly crudely done), but you can see the spirit of the eventual show within it. Even that short video is controversial, irreverent and pee in your pants funny. This concept is hard for me, as I'm a bit of a perfectionist, but I know if I will ever thrive I have to let go of that and get out of my own way. Try to embrace this and it might just free you to create your masterpiece.

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