Friday, May 22, 2009

MMMMM You Smell Nice

Today I want to share two perfumes I really like that the whole world doesn't already wear. Perfume can be a great gift idea, but to pick one for someone you really need to know them well. I tend to like things that are light and a bit sweet. Check out two of my favorites that are light enough that they work well on many different people:

ElizabethW - I have loved this company from San Francisco for a long time. My favorite perfume they make is Sweet Tea. They also have a bunch of other scents and great products in a reasonable price range.

Sara Horowitz Perfumes - My favorite scent from this company is called Perfect Veil. It's light and not overpowering at all. This is the same company that does the fragrance journey I have mentioned before (you have a consultation and create your own perfume with the owner or her mentor). The Journey isn't inexpensive, but if budget isn't an issue, it's a unique and special treat that provides not only a gift, but an experience.

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