Friday, May 15, 2009

Find Inspiration In Your Boss

It doesn't always happen, but sometimes you end up working for a boss that's very similar to you and they inspire you to develop certain skills even further. Many years ago I worked for a couple that I'm lucky enough to still call my friends, Henry & Stacey Winkler. I have stayed close especially with Stacey and it's because we were always like-minded. We loved sharing ideas and tips about sending people thoughtful and surprising gifts. She's an amazing woman who was a publicist at one time, is a great writer and has done an amazing amount of charitable work in her lifetime. She helped me to realize how utilizing the ability to really listen and be resourceful can make people feel special when you share info with them, buy them a gift, etc. I mention often on this blog that it isn't the money you spend on a gift, but the time you put into finding something unique or that's related to something the recipient likes that will make a great impact. It's always the little details or the time you found the impossible thing that will make someone smile. I think it was something I already knew when I met her, but during the time I worked for her and in these past few years as her friend, I have realized how much it stayed with me and inspired me.

I also recently saw Henry in an episode of the tv show Numbers on CBS, here's the full episode if you want to check it out. In this episode, Henry is more of a tough and serious guy and he's fantastic. It made me think about another lesson that's important to learn no matter what creative field you work in -- that you have to keep stretching and trying new things. It's imperative to keeping yourself vital and your skills sharp. Henry apparently already knows this!

If you let the right boss inspire you, it will be forever invaluable.

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