Thursday, May 7, 2009


I have to admit, I'm getting a bit tired of the stick bacon in anything sweet and people will buy it trend, so I'm surprised I'm writing this post. I've seen lots of stuff like that lately and most if well... just looks gross, but the two items below look pretty good and might be just the ticket for Father's Day if you have a bacon loving dad.

Devil In An Apron Bacon Caramels
- From what I've read, these are delicious, but definitely have a strong bacon flavor. They also do caramels with whiskey in them.

Socola Chocolatier Beer & Bacon Truffle Set
- I have a friend that tried the beer and burnt caramel flavors and said they were amazing. I would imagine the bacon one is good as well.

Again this hits home the thing I'm always saying about doing something a little different to add to the fun of the gift. In this instance, the combo of the item being good tasting and a bit unusual will be sure to make the recipient smile.

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