Monday, May 4, 2009

Getting Organized With Style

One fun thing about getting organized these days is that you can do it with products that are fun and stylish. If you hate doing it, the job still might not be fun exactly, but it might be just the thing to make it seem a bit more exciting. Here's a few of my favorite places to find organizing products:

See Jane Work
- This online store has all kinds of great items that are stylish and make it fun to get things cleaned up and looking better. I like these letterboxes for filing, but they also have a ton of other fantastic stuff. They now also have a blog about organizing to go along with the site.

Sorting With Style - I recently discovered this site and I also like many of the items they offer as well. They have quite the selection of colorful and chic manila folders that are day I say it -- elegant and sophisticated for something to file in. This site also has a blog and the owner, Sayeh Pezeshki is on Twitter.

The Container Store also comes in handy from time to time. The stuff there is more practical (although a bit of it has some style and cute prints/materials), but I love this their cascading letter file tote that you can hang. It's truly amazing.

The best thing to do is visit all three sites, as they each have unique items that will help your office be neater and look better.

If you want a little refresh on all my thoughts on organization, look at this post I did in January.

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