Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Don't Be Boring

I think I might have just screwed myself with the title of this post. Now if it isn't super exciting, people are going to think well how come she can be boring? In an effort not to be dull, I'm going to keep it short. This video of famed guru/marketer Seth Godin (who has written a bunch of best selling books on the subject) at the Ted Conference talking back in 2007 about how to stand out and make people pay attention is perhaps even more true today. The video is all about being unique and different and why it's imperative that you stand out. Being good or even great just isn't enough anymore. I highly recommend watching if you have the time.

The video is full of good advice and if you can take it to heart, it will help you leverage what's special about you, so that you can stand out. I did this blog about how to be a great personal assistant instead another pop culture blog (which I had done before) because I knew there weren't many exactly like it and I thought I could bring something a bit different to it because of my years of experience and the creative way I tend to approach my job.

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