Monday, May 11, 2009

Blogged, Not Stirred

I read recently read about this cool book on mixing drinks (written by well known restaurateur Danny Meyer). If you took that book and added a few more pieces, it would be a great gift for anyone who likes entertaining and making cocktails. If I was going to put this together as a gift, this is what I would add with the book:

This really unique martini glass from Crate & Barrel gives a fun unexpected twist to what could be a boring gift. I love it.

If you wanted to add in some alcohol to get the person started, this artinsanal vodka from Crop Vodka puts a new spin on a product that people have seen a million times.

I also really like this Shaker Set. It's a bit more modern, but still classic enough to work for someone more traditional.

This gift could be great for Father's Day (if your day likes to mix drinks), for a housewarming party or an anniversary party.

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