Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Tech Potpourri

Here's a random selection of tech tips this am to get your day started:

I'm a big Firefox nerd. If you get me started on how much I don't like Internet Explorer and how much better Firefox works, it's going to be a while before I shut up. If I had Mac (I know, I know nobody can believe I have a PC) I would probably be fine with Safari, but for now me and the fox are fast friends. One of the great things about Firefox is that there are a million free add ons you can install to customize it. One of my favorites is the IE tab add on that allows you to open an IE tab within Firefox. Unfortunately there are a few websites that only work well or at all with IE and this saves me from having to launch and use IE separately.

This morning, Lifehacker (one of my favorite sites) did a post about a site called Comet Docs that can convert all kinds of docs into other types. I will definitely be checking that out further today. It seems like it could be a very handy resource.

I love the iPhone holder I have and people keep asking where it's from, so here's the Foofshop site. The item is called a Foofpod. It's more of a little sleeping bag for my iPhone than a hard shell type case. I had the harder type at first, but I like this much better. They also make similar covers for laptops. I like it because not everyone has it, it was relatively inexpensive and it comes in some cool fabrics.

Lastly, in honor of Earth Day and the idea of recycling, I saw this cool clock on the Etsy site that is made from a hard drive. It would be a great gift for any geek you love.

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