Friday, April 10, 2009

My Two Seconds of Fame

While you are trying to make it big and get an agent, a good way to get attention for whatever you are doing online (webisodes, blog, etc.) is to submit yourself for sites and daily e-mails that are looking for people to feature. The Film News Briefs daily e-mail (which is great and a good alternative to reading the entire trades when you don't have time -- she consolidates it all) has a daily site that they suggest and also the Pop Candy Blog (a fantastic pop culture blog you should be reading) on the USA Today website allows you to submit yourself for Reader of the Day and if you get picked they post a profile of you that includes links to your site, twitter, etc. If you want to see what it looks like, I was featured today:

Reader of the Day Me! on Pop Candy

My point is not to share that I got picked, but to show how easy it is for all of you who are talented and have stuff to share to get it out to others outside of your immediate circle of people.

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