Thursday, April 9, 2009

I'll Have One Of Everything

I guess this is the week for mostly food themed blog posts. Just one semi short post today, because I'm job searching, writing and I have a Passover dinner to go to at a YUMMY deli (formal seder was last night). In the last day or so I came across a couple of new food gift ideas/sites that I thought seemed pretty unique and well, ummmm Delicious!! Here they are:

Charles Chocolates in a Signature Chocolate Box - This is truly one of the most beautiful chocolate gifts I have ever seen. The box that holds the chocolates is EDIBLE and there's a beautiful design on the top. I know someone who got this and she said they were delicious.

Igourmet - I read about this website a few days ago and was impressed by the extensive collection of higher end gourmet foods that they sell. They seem to also have an amazing amount of cheese related items as well. This might be my next go to place for a gourmet gift basket, if I'm not doing it locally.

Berkshire Bark Pretzelogical Chocolate Bar
- These are somewhat hard to find (which of course makes me want to try it more). They have milk and dark chocolate, homemade caramel, pretzels and peanut butter in them.
I was only able to find them online by the case, but the case isn't that expensive and it might be a fun thing to order to add to a wrap gift, a gift bag or a birthday gift.

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