Friday, April 24, 2009

A Few New iPhone Apps I'm Liking

Probably just one short post today because I'm at jury duty.

I have mentioned many times how much I love my iPhone. I can let go of the fact that I don't have a tactile keyboard because there are so many cool apps that I can add to my iPhone to customize it. Here's a few new ones I have or might be getting:

Read It Later
- This is also a Firefox Add-On. Anytime you like something online that you want to read you put a check mark by it and Read It Later stores it at the top of your toolbar in a little app/folder. It makes more sense for one time articles, etc. that you don't want to bookmark or put into Evernote. The iPhone app allows you to read the articles from your list online on your iPhone. It's free.

Yowza - This free app uses your location (via the GPS) to see what retailers have coupons in your area. The coupons can be scanned right from your iPhone. This is a totally genius idea and was created by (with 2 other guys) actor Greg Grunberg (Heroes, Felicity, etc.). Greg has a big online presence and is very into Twitter. He's very passionate about work, his app and Twitter. If you want to check him out on Twitter, click here.

Around Me - I just got this and have seen a few other free apps like it, but I like this best. This utilizes your location (via GPS) to see where you are and then it shows you where all kinds of useful stuff is nearby (coffee, gas stations, ATM, etc.).

Birdhouse - This is a Twitter related app. It allows you to store ideas for tweets, if they aren't ready to send yet. It's sort of like a little tweet draft folder. This is the only one I don't yet have. It only costs a few bucks, but I tend to tweet more from my computer. If you do tweet from your phone often, I think it would be a cool app to have and it's only a few bucks.

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