Thursday, April 30, 2009

The Sweets of San Francisco

I can't take credit for the good post title because my cousin Leah (a wine & food expert and blog post title genius) came up with it. When I recently did this post about yummy sweet things in NYC, she said if you do a post like that regarding San Fran, I have the perfect title! Since I spent a bunch of years living up near San Francisco and still have many friends and family who live there, I figured that I would share a few chocolate and sweet treat ideas that I like from that area. They all ship, so you can order them no matter where you live. I have tasted most of these or they have been highly recommended to me by someone who lives in SF.

- They make a variety of different chocolates, but the Fleur De Sel Caramel I had was unreal. I also noticed on the site today that they have these smores bites that look really delicious.

Elbow Chocolates
- I have not tasted these artisanal chocolates, but Food & Wine magazine gave them the #1 ranking of their top 10 Chocolates and I know a friend that did get them and said they were amazing. The flavors are also really unique.

Coco-Luxe - How can you go wrong with a place that has a Shoo Pie Fly Caramel that has rich, deep black strap molasses caramels enrobed in dark chocolate and complimented with Salish Smoked Salt.

Charles Chocolates - I have had chocolates from here before and they are really good, but I'm most enchanted with an item that I saw on their site recently. They do chocolates that come in a beautiful box made of chocolate that I'm dying to send to someone.

All of this sounds so good, I'm wishing I had some chocolate right now.

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