Friday, April 3, 2009

Monday Tech Tips

Here's a few recent tech finds that I'm liking:

Reqall - This is a productivity/to do list type manager for the iPhone (there is also a web app portion). For the past couple of years I've been using Vitalist, but I think the love affair might be over and I might be moving in with the app I'm cheating with. The main version of his app is free and it's full of cool features. There's also an upgrade available. David Pogue, one of my favorite tech gurus from the NY Times reviewed it recently.

If you often sit with your laptop on your lap and worry about what all that heat is doing to do - YOU should. Here's a cool list of products that help to fix that problem. Get it, cool list - emphasis on cool :). This blog would be funnier if I had a house band and the drummer could do a rim shot after my bad jokes.

Also, Gmail recently made searching through your e-mails more simple, check it out here.

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