Monday, February 23, 2009

Quick Tip Tuesday

I just read the other day about this new Add-On for Firefox (my preferred browser and the browser of many geeky people you know) called Read-It-Later that allows you to Umm - duh, save pages of interest to read later :) by keeping them in a little list that is easy to access at the top of your browser. It's useful for when you don't want to permanently bookmark the site, but want to save specific article to read that you can't at the moment.

Because I'm not going to do a whole other post and this is a tech related posting, I'm going to include a link to this cool t-shirt that Wil Wheaton (who writes a great blog and books in addition to being an actor) wrote about today. Loving it makes me a bit of a nerd and I'm okay with that. Sorry for the extra geeky spillage on the tip of the day post.

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