Monday, February 9, 2009

Oink If You Like Chocolate

Hopefully the title didn't scare you off. This is the thing, for some reason bacon and chocolate together is getting more popular by the day. At some point last year I read about this chocolate bar that had bacon in it and it's really in demand. You can order it online, but I have actually seen the bars at Whole Foods. Joel Stein, a humorist/satirist/journalist who has also dabbled in the sitcom world, that I love (seriously if you have never read his columns in Time or the Los Angeles Times, you're really missing out) did a video piece to accompany an article he did all about bacon and chocolate where he watches two guys from a local restaurant cook a bacon and chocolate dessert! Yesterday I read about another place in New York that sells something they call Pig Candy - not the best of names, but basically it is just chocolate covered pieces of bacon and it ain't cheap! Most people I mention this to are grossed out, but for the right person who loves the sweet and savory together it could be a hit.

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