Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Should Babies Really Be So Hard To Shop For ??

One thing I get asked about often is baby gifts. People always want to find something special and inventive to give. I tend to go either very classic for a baby gift or something super unique, but hardly ever in the middle. Here's a few of my favorites:

A Tiffany ratttle is always a classic choice. If you want to go Tiffany, but mix it up a little, this rattle is in a less predictable shape and style.

I have purchased a few baby blankets from the Kinder Cashmere site on behalf of employers for them to give as a gift for newborns and they have always been a hit. I think it's because it isn't the same item everyone usually gives. It's a bit more modern and chic and people respond to that. These blankets are pricey, but if money is no object and you want to give something nobody else will, it's a good choice.

For a soft and luxurious blanket that is much easier on the wallet, try this item from Little Giraffe that is sold at Nordstrom. It also comes in this color combo for a boy.

One gift I have given many times that I truly love is this cardigan and hat set by Barefoot Dreams. It's soft, chic and adorable.

If you have a friend that's a bit of a hipster and doesn't want something for their kid that is pastel and traditional, go for this onesie that has a bit more edge or go to Boss of Me Clothing for some other fun and hip clothes for babies.

Two really great and relatively inexpensive gifts that are fun and original are the Sleep Sheep and the Twilight Turtle (this is good for little kids and babies).

If you want to give a gift to a mom who is very eco-friendly (and these days that is hopefully everyone), try the Little Seed (they have a site and a local store in LA) or this item from Erbaviba that is one of my all time favorite things to give.

If none of these gifts are up your alley, I have TONS of baby gift resources and will do many more postings on the topic.

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