Monday, January 26, 2009

Custom Swooshapalooza

For some time now Nike has had something called NIKEiD (it looks weird, but that is how the logo is supposed to be) that's pretty cool. You can go on their website or give someone a gift certificate to make a custom pair of shoes. For the right sports fanatic or even just someone who likes to get outside and/or exercises regularly, this is a fantastic gift. I just read this month that Nike has upped the ante and now there is one speciality NIKEiD location in SOHO where you can can do something called NIKEiD Bespoke (scroll down a tiny bit) that is even more custom and you get to have a consultation with a Nike designer. The great thing about this type of gift is that it's an experience and a gift. I'm not sure yet if you can give this as a gift certificate, but I'm guessing it's pretty likely. I've heard it costs upwards of eight hundred dollars, so hopefully you have a big budget or your company is buying the gift for an actor that makes the studio millions :)

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