Thursday, January 15, 2009


If you need to buy a client or a friend a gift and want to do something a bit more fun and out of the ordinary, how about Hollywood Dominos? It's a fun, trendy game and it's definitely not your typical boring gift. You can buy them here. When thinking of a gift for anyone, but especially a celeb that already has everything -- the best thing to do is to try to get them something that they wouldn't know about yet and/or that relates to some interest they have.

One year I convinced my boss we should get a member of his team who LOVED baseball a unique Baseball Chess set I found on a site I like called Red Envelope. It went over great because it was unique and thoughtful.

A few easy tips when it comes to GREAT gifts:

1) Be thoughtful. People LOVE when you listen to some tiny detail they mention about something they like earlier in the year and then utilize it for a gift.

2) Throwing tons of money at a gift doesn't make it special. People respond to something being fun, thoughtful and unique WAY more than cost.

3) Don't only utilize the Internet. Trust me, I'm the queen of the Internet and finding amazing things online, but sometimes to find the right thing you have to get out and about in a store and really look. I will go into department stores and chain stores if I have to, but I generally find more exciting things in more specialized, boutique style type stores that there is only one location or maybe two.

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