Saturday, January 17, 2009

Choctastic Ideas

If I ever do a gift that is something not so out of the box - like chocolate, for instance, I want to purchase something that is still a bit different or special. I could spend all day listing the difference chocolate resources in my files, but instead I will pick out a few and single them out:

1) John and Kira's - John and Kira are a married couple who own a chocolate company. They utilize local ingredients to support their community. The chocolates are very hand-crafted and they taste great. The chocolates come in simple, but beautiful wood boxes. They have unusual flavors like Coffee Whiskey and Honey Lavender. The new salted caramels that look like bees are also a unique choice. You can order from them online.

2)Edelweiss Chocolates is located in Beverly Hills at 444 North Canon. You can also buy from them online. They have all sorts of amazing chocolates, but by far my most favorite item they make is the Toffeemallow. It is fresh chocolate marshmallow with toffee and chocolate (they come light or dark). They are one of my most favorite treats in the world. I have gotten people who don't love chocolate to try them and even they are blown away.

3) If you really want to go crazy and buy something really unique, purchase one of these (you have to click to find out what it is).

As with all other gifts I have mentioned in previous postings, the key still is to keep in mind who is receiving the gift. Do they like dark or light chocolate, something rich or a bit lighter, etc. Pick something you think they might like, not necessarily something you love or prefer.


  1. Have you ever tried Maribelle? There such beautiful tins (and delicous) I'd guess it would be a hit! Do you recommend Dylan's Candy Bar??

  2. Dylan's Candy Bar has great baskets and cool gifts. I love the Maribelle hot chocolate as well.