Thursday, January 29, 2009

From Here to Gourmeternity

Sorry I didn't post for a day or two. I'm also job searching and writing, don't forget. Recently, someone on one of the boards I'm on wanted some suggestions for good local places that do higher end gourmet gift baskets. I thought I would share my top 7 list with all of you.

1) Manhattan Fruitier is great. They have all kinds of baskets, but are most known for their dried fruit assortments.

2) If you want to do a cheese related basket, check out my very first post that listed 3 local places you can go.

3) Baked It Myself does amazing dessert/sweet gift baskets and also does catering. I'm pretty sure they can custom do anything you want from the experiences I have had with them. Everything I have ever tasted from them has been delicious.

4) Another option if you want to go the sweet route is Big Sugar Bakeshop (look under gifts and then gift baskets). The last celeb I worked for wanted to give thank you gifts to some famous friends who donated their time to record poems for a book he did and we did gifts from here that people adored.

5) Leave An Impression does some unique gourmet baskets.

6) You can't go wrong with Wally's . They have an amazing selection of wines and also do all sorts of baskets. Almost every celeb I have worked for has used them at one time or another for gifts and to stock up for parties.

7) Star Treatment has been around for quite some time and does all kinds of gifts including gourmet gift baskets. They are utilized by a ton of studios and celebs, but they are super friendly and you can really do gifts in almost any price range.

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