Monday, October 5, 2009

Not A New Gift Idea, But An Awesome One

I just opened the new Kindle DX that my grandmother got me a bit early for my birthday and there are no words to describe just how awesome it is. If someone told me I could just have one gadget, I would still probably pick my iPhone, but it would be tough choice. I know getting someone a Kindle isn't a new gift idea, but if you have the cash it truly is an incredible gift for someone who loves to read and an even better gift for someone who is a big reader and also travels, so they don't have to schlep a ton of books around. The other great thing about this new one is that it can also read a pdf. I'm ending this post, so I can go buy a book for it, but if you have the dough and a person you really want to impress, I implore you to check it out.

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