Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Comments & Google Maps Tip

Someone left a comment on the blog alerting me to the fact that Google Maps now also offers the ability to add notes to a map before you print it just like Mapquest. I hope I don't lose my geek card over this. I didn't know either one of them did it when I posted about Mapquest last week, but I'm excited to know Google has it because Mapquest is annoying and I'm a Google Girl anyway.

By the way, comments are great. I wish more people left them. It makes me feel like more people are reading my little blog. Sometimes I feel like a shopkeeper (oy what am I 90) who has a small general store on a main street that has great inventory and useful stuff that everyone wants, but only a decent handful of people in the town know about it and shop there. Trust me, I'm grateful for any reader and I can't believe anyone gives a hoot (yes still 90) about the knowledge I have to share, but when I read today about another first time scribe selling a script, I thought WHY NOT ME, but then I got over it. Anyway, I'm working on an original tv spec that I actually feel great about and I'm getting some good feedback on, so who knows what might happen someday.

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