Tuesday, June 8, 2010

I'm Back & In A Geeky Frenzy

A few of you emailed me to ask me if I was okay because I hadn't blogged in a few weeks. Truthfully I forget that at least a few people actually read this blog and it never occurred to me someone would worry. Anyway, sorry I've been absent, but I've recently gotten the opportunity to partner with some people I really respect on a something I wrote with hopes of selling it and that combined with my full time gig has left me no time to blog. I will still be blogging in the coming weeks, but it just might not be super frequently. One reason I decided to blog today is that I COULD NOT BE MORE EXCITED regarding the new iPhone 4 that can be pre-ordered starting next Tuesday. If you don't have an iPhone yet or are toting around an older generation one like me, you should upgrade. I know, I know AT&T kind of sucks, but I swear it's worth it to suck it up for all the cool features of the phone.

1 comment:

  1. Being a personal assistant myself...I completely agree that the upgrade to the new iphone is not only necessary, but just really cool.