Friday, March 5, 2010

Handmade Candy That Will Make Your Mouth Water

I've heard great things about the handmade candy company Liddabit Sweets in New York, but in the past they were only sold at the Brooklyn Flea Market, so I had no way to order and send to friends because I live in LA. I just realized that they now have an online sweet shop, so you can buy online for yourself or if your boss wants to send a unique sweet treat. One of the gift collections they sell called The Kitchen Sink sounds really amazing and includes: the Lime-In-The-Coconut Bar, the PB&J Bar, 6-packs of Sea Salt, Chocolate-Sea Salt, and Beer & Pretzel Caramels, bags of their Milk Chocolate Honeycomb candy and Pecan-Brown Sugar Brittle, 4-packs of their Apple-Maple and Barley Tea-Honey Lollipops and even a few other bars. Take a minute to check them out.

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